North Vancouver has a traffic problem. Nearly every day sees large lineups to get on and off our two major crossings. And everyone else has to sit in it to get where they are going. The economic toll this takes is immeasurable. Some action has been taken to alleviate the bottlenecks and facilitate better east-west flow for those not trying to use the bridge. The delays of these projects will eventually cease and will definitely make an impact.

But they will not solve the problem for long. Bottlenecks will simply move further up the highway where there are only 2 lanes each way. We will need to make continuing large scale investments in our highway and road systems. With a major port located in North Vancouver, this development is in the national interest and the federal government should contribute a sizeable share to fund it.

The PPC is in an enviable position of actually being able to deliver on infrastructure spending. While the Liberals promised to rebuild the country, there’s only been a trickle of actual spending. The reason? Green energy boondoggles, special interest programs of innumerable variety, billions spent on foreign aid and pandering to the UN for a seat on their security council. The PPC will end all this silliness, and as a result, there will be far more of government revenues left over (even after we cut taxes significantly) to spend on doing the things government is supposed to do.

Imagine that! Government actually doing the things that will directly help your quality of life and keeping its nose out of the things that are none of its business. It has been a very long time since that was the case.